Horse Bites Pianist

When a 42nd wedding anniversary celebration morphs from a horse-drawn carriage ride to a ride in an ambulance, you know something has gone horribly wrong.

But if you are Pamela Resch things went from wrong to worst quickly when she found herself being rushed to a hospital to try and save the tip of her right pinkie finger.

Resch is an accomplished pianist who may not be able to play again because of an anniversary celebration that went bad.

Pamela and Bill Resch decided to celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary with a carriage ride through downtown Los Gatos. What happened next may change the couple's life forever.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that the couple decided to pose for some pictures with the horses when one began to nible on Pamela's finger.

"I looked him straight in the eye and said, 'Let go,' " she told the paper. "He started to chew."

But the horse didn't listen. It bit her finger top off. Luckily someone found the finger and put it into a cup of ice, which was taken to the hospital as Pamela was raced to the ER.

A plastic surgeon reattached the finger but doctors say she will have to wait to see whether it heals well enough for her to play music again.

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