Horse Saddles for Young Riders Stolen From San Ramon Stable

Equestrian equipment stolen from a San Ramon stable has left a group of girls unsure if they will be able to ride in a competition scheduled next month.

Police said someone cut the lock on the door to the equipment room at Las Trampas Stables and made off with 11 saddles, along with other riding gear.

"You make memories with them and we compete with them," one of the young riders told NBC Bay Area.  "Each memory is with that saddle."

The theft occurred Thursday night and instead of practicing Friday, the Gym-Khana team showed police pictures of their missing saddles.

The young rider and other girls would need more than a thousand dollars to replace a saddle and all the accessories.

"Most can't afford to get a new one," said Cindy Wilkison, who works at the Las Trampas Stables. "It's sad because a saddle to these kids is like a car."

Many of the girls worked at the stables and saved up to buy their equipment. They are now hoping to copmete with borrowed gear.

The team is working with East Bay Regional Park police and spreading the word on social media in hopes someone will find their saddles and return them.

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