Stephen Ellison

Hot Dog Vendor Attacked by Security Guards Outside Oakland Arena

A video surfaced Monday showing a hot dog vendor being violently attacked by security guards outside the Oakland Arena after the Rolling Loud music festival Saturday night.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about the incident, but the working class Hispanic community said it feels threatened by the attack.

The fight happened outside parking lot A. In the video, security guards are seen attacking a Hispanic man who is selling hot dogs. The person who shot the video believes it was racial.

In the video, a guard can be heard telling the vendor to leave. As the vendor seems to be leaving, the guard steps up the attack. The woman who shot the video told NBC Bay Area she is unsure why the guard got so violent considering the vendor was leaving and not being aggressive.

There was also a police officer on the scene.

The Oakland Police Department said Monday it did not have information about the incident.

The attack has heightened concerns among fellow Hispanic vendors. They know what a hustle it is day in and day out, to be selling their goods, eking out a living, dealing with disrespect.

"The insecurity here is getting worse, and the police aren't there," vendor Tere Cruz said. "But when they do (come), sometimes it's a bit late."

The woman who shot the video said the first thing she noticed was a security guard taking the tray from the vendor's cart and throwing it at him. She did not see what happened before that.

The company that hired the guards was contacted after business hours and did not respond to requests for comment.

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