Hottest Day of the Year Comes While in Quarantine

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Feeling the heat? Well for many parts of the Bay Area, it was the hottest day of the year so far and in Concord, one of the hottest spots, problems quickly piled up.

There were several fires in the Clayton area alone, and Cal Fire says the current heat wave isn’t helping.

“It’s really turning very quickly so that makes us a little leery for the coming fire season,” said Cal Fire Deputy Chief Mike Marcucci. “The fuels are drying up very quickly, our ground moisture is disappearing.”

While everyone is asked to stay home because of the pandemic, PG&E decided to cut off their power to install safety equipment. 

Homeowners said they understand the equipment is critical because it will help the utility cut power remotely during high fire danger. 

Police and park rangers will be on patrol this weekend making sure the heat doesn’t bring crowds of people to popular Bay Area parks. Jean Elle reports.

Still, it’s tough enough to stay inside these days.

“I couldn’t eat breakfast,” said Guy Clark from Concord. “No coffee.”

Some families found unique ways to beat the heat. 

“It’s terrible,” said Karen Bonifacio from Concord. “So it’s nice that we have this big open space that the kids can still play in.”

Others say you just have to get as much done as you can early. 

“I just anticipate it, I’m not great with the heat but it never lasts for very long,” said Jeanie Dewhurst. 

The weather is expected to start cooling off soon but for many, probably not soon enough.

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