Hottest Ticket in Town Today? The Front Page

The hottest tickets in town last week were inauguration tickets, but this morning it 's the front page of whatever paper people can get their hands on.

Hundreds of people woke up before dawn Wednesday to make sure they would get a copy of the newspapers documenting the moment when Barack Obama was sworn in as the first African American President.

Many newspaper stands sold out of papers the morning after Obama won the election, so they stocked up this time.

The owner of the popular news stand at Broadway and 13th streets in Oakland says on a normal day he orders 100 copies of the San Francisco Chronicle.   Today he ordered 3,000.

He usually orders 100 Oakland Tribunes. Today he ordered 2,000.

One more for you here:  On a normal day he orders just 20 New York Times copies. Today is got 1,500.

The Chronicle says it printed 150,000 more copies than usual today.

Many of those who are buying the papers say they will frame the front page.   One woman said she would hermetically seal her paper.

Just about everyone says they will pass them down to their kids and grand kids.

The Chronicle costs 82 cents, and that's with tax.

It is already selling on EBAY for $14.99.

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