How Google Is Trying to Kill Off the URL Bar

Google really wants to slim down the top of its Chrome browser, so much so that they're looking to axe something that seems sort of essential: the URL bar.

In early versions of Chrome 13, you can set it so all you've really got up top are tabs. If you want to see the URL or enter one, you've gotta double-click on the tab to make it appear.

It's an interesting idea, and it certainly streamlines the look of the browser. But is screen real estate that valuable? I think I'd rather be able to see the full URL of every page I visit rather than save those few pixels of vertical space. After all, the URL is often the only thing that indicates that you're on a phishing scam page rather than the real thing. It's important! What do you think?

Conceivably Tech via Slashdot

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