How SF Mayor Escaped Jury Duty

Trip to Washington gets Lee out of civil service.

Give San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee credit, he did show up on his appointed day to do his civic duty.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Lee was summoned to the jury assembly room at San Francisco Superior Court Thursday and placed in a jury pool. Of course, after a one-on-one with the judge, the mayor was excused from jury duty.

How'd he do it?

Turns out Lee simply told the judge he had a paid vacation coming up.

Lee left town Friday to visit his two daughters in the Big Apple. He's taking a little detour and stopping by the White House Monday to visit with the President and the Giants, who will be congratulated by the Commander-in-Chief for their World Series win.

Lee will be back in San Francisco on Tuesday to sign the city budget. Then he's back on vacation until next Monday.

According to the mayor's office, Lee is not off the hook entirely. His jury duty is simply postponed and he will rejoin the jury pool in August, when his vacation is over.

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