How You Can Work For Google

It turns out you don't have to go through dozens of interviews to work for Google.

The Mountain View-based company is going to let anyone work for them if you are willing to volunteer your time to help improve its uber-popular Google maps.

Starting Tuesday, Google asked its users to add new details to its maps.

You can "leave your mark on the map" at this link.

You might think that Google maps are about as comprehensive as possible, but Google thinks they can get better with a little more attention to detail.

Google suggests people could add outlines to parking lots, name structures on college campuses, or mark which streets have bike lanes.

Google will review the info from the before making it live.

The Associated Press likened the idea to Wikipedia as it called on the collective knowledge of users with expertise in particular topics.

This is not the first time Google has reached out to users for their map knowledge, its just the first time they have done it in the U.S.

Google said it has found what it calls citizen cartographers to be both diligent and accurate in their additions.

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