Tech Buzz: HP Looking to Dethrone MS Windows?

Google turns into software-maker -- maybe

It could be a match made in heaven: the world's largest computer maker and an up-and-coming new operating system that could rival ever-present Microsoft Windows.

The tech world rumor mill says that could be the case, as PC-giant Hewlett-Packard eyes Google's Android OS.

Google recently introduced Android on the smartphone T-Mobile G1, but the free, open source operating system is being designed to support many types of devices.

HP has not said whether it will try to market new computers with the system but Reuters reported that the company did confirm news that they are studying Android -- and the Wall Street Journal cited sources that say HP is testing the OS for a possible netbook.

While it might not be the type of rumor that deems a catchy nickname, a la Brangelina, the "HPdroid" would almost certainly impact the lives of computer users worldwide.

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