HP's webOS Runs Faster on iPad

 HP announced yesterday that they were closing down several of their product lines, including the TouchPad  tablets. Some sources close to the company may have some insight as to why the tablet was far from in demand.

According to the Next Web,  HP's hardware wasn't built well enough to run its own software fast enough to be impressive. When tested on the Apple iPad, the software ran twice as fast, reports say.

The hardware reportedly stopped the webOS team from innovating beyond a point, and even before the Pre smartphones and TouchPad were released, the team "wanted them gone." 

The team even tested the OS as a web app for Mobile Safari on the iPad, and it also ran faster than on the hardware HP had. 

Evidently the company also had a smaller version of the TouchPad in production, called the TouchPad Go. It most likely will not see the light of day after yesterday's announcement. 

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