Elizabeth Holmes

Hulu's ‘The Dropout' Depicts Early Years of Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos

Limited series about the infamous Silicon Valley failed startup and its disgraced CEO begins streaming Thursday

NBC Universal, Inc.

A new series depicting the early years of Elizabeth Holmes and her now-defunct health care company Theranos is set to debut Thursday on the streaming platform Hulu.

"The Dropout" dives into the story behind Holmes dropping out of Stanford University to found and develop a startup focused on a revolutionary blood testing device.

The device, which purported to have the capability of providing multiple rapid test results from just a droplet of blood, made Holmes a billionaire. But the device, in fact, never worked as promised, and Holmes later was convicted of fraud and conspiracy during a high-profile trial in San Jose.

"The Dropout" stars Amanda Seyfried as Holmes along with William H. Macy, Naveen Andrews and Laurie Metcalf.

The show begins streaming Thursday on Hulu.

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