Human Excrement Shuts Down BART Escalators

Escalators in the BART system are shuttered by human waste.

The moveable stairs aren't moving -- and that's because numbers one and two are gumming up the works. 

The BART escalator at Civic Center station was shut down by a giant steaming pile of human effluvia -- so much human waste, in fact, that workers called in a hazmat team, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.
The high volume of human waste may have been a factor in shutting down five of the nine BART escalators broken down throughout the system -- all five of those were in downtown San Francisco, where homeless people often use the stairwells of stations closed for the night as a place to sleep or relieve themselves, the newspaper reported.
So why aren't these people thrown in jail? Usually a person must be caught in the act in order to receive a citation, according to BART police.
Officials are investigating ways to keep people out of the BART station stairwells at night. Some have proposed erecting a fence around the entrance to the 16th Street BART station, the newspaper reported.
Until then, step with caution.
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