Hundreds Form Human Chain Across Golden Gate Bridge to Protest Violence in Venezuela

Hundreds of people formed a human chain across part of the Golden Gate Bridge Sunday as part of a nationwide protest against the violence in Venezuela.

It was one of more than 100 weekend protests throughout the U.S.

Violence has escalated dramatically in Venezuela over the last 10 days as demonstrators took to the streets, clashing with police.

Big issues include shortages of basic goods, high inflation, and high crime levels across the country.

"The reason why we're here, Venezuelans, we're asking for awareness," protester Esteban Guedez said. "We would like people to find out and get involved and avoid what's going on in Venezuela right now, avoid to become either a Syria, Yugoslavia, or Bosnia, or all those countries where people got killed just because they wanted to express their opinion."

According to a non-governmental group that tracks violent crime in Venezuela, almost 25,000 people were killed there just last year. That is almost double the number of homicides in the U.S.

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