Hundreds Line up Overnight for Affordable Housing in SF

Each day brings a new sign of economic struggle in the Bay Area.

A steady stream of people came to get applications in San Francisco's Mission District Monday for low-income housing at a new 136-unit apartment building.

Mercy House is building the high-rise at the corner of Mission and 10th streets.

It will include a teen center and a computer lab.

The head of the organization said hopeful renters spent the night outside in a remarkably long line.

"It was wrapped around the corner and went all the way down 9th street almost to Market -- which is just an indication of the times," said Jane Graf of Mercy House. "It's really, really overwhelming to think that people are so desperate."

The apartments could be ready to live in by September.

Mercy House expects to get thousands of applications by the time they are done accepting them.

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