Hundreds of Military Explosives Found at Stockton Home


Police and military personnel plan to return Friday to a home in Stockton where officials found "hundreds" of military explosives, prompting the evacuation of 20 homes.

Stockton police officers found the explosives Thursday when they were called to the home to check on an apparent natural death, Stockton Police Department spokesman Officer Joe Silva said.

Bomb squad officers determined the devices were likely military and called Travis Air Force Base for assistance, Silva told the Stockton Record reported.

Base experts were on location throughout Thursday examining the devices. A team is expected to return Friday to continue removing the explosives from the home in the 2900 block of Rockford Avenue, Silva said.

"You have to look at each device, determine if it's live or not and then figure out exactly how you're going to move it out of the residence," Silva said.

It's unclear if the man had ever served in the military or why he had stockpiled the weapons, Silva said. Police are also unsure if anyone else had been living at the residence with him.

Twenty homes in the area had to be evacuated and a shelter was set up by the Red Cross for those affected.

Dale Boyd lives in one of the homes in the evacuation zone. He said he didn't know the man personally, but described him as a nice guy who always smiled and waved.

"Never caused a problem," Boyd said.

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