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Hundreds of Residents at San Jose Mobile Home Park Receive Eviction Warnings

Westwinds Mobile Home Park
NBC Bay Area

More than 700 people living in a San Jose mobile home park have received eviction warnings.

Tenants at Westwinds Mobile Home Park were told they may have to leave by August 2022.

Many people who live at the mobile home park off N. 1st Street said if they are forced to move, they will have to leave the Bay Area because they simply can't afford to stay.

Heidi Von Salza said when she received a letter warning her she may have to move out, she panicked.

"Where would I go that I could afford to be somewhere in the valley?" she questioned. "So, in essence, I'd have to move out of the area. I'm close to retirement, within a year or two. So it's very scary."

She also fears she would lose most of the equity in her home and said moving her mobile home to another park would cost her more than $40,000.

MHC Operating manages the park and claims the owners of the property, the Nicholson Family Partnership, demanded that the property be returned with no residents when the lease expires in August 2022.

In a statement, Bruce Nicholson said the well-being of tenants and stability of the park is a top priority.

"MHC has been unwilling to collaborate to find a long-term solution for the tenants, taking the unfortunate position that it has no obligation whatsoever to its tenants or to us when the land leases expire," the statement read.

MHC is now suing the Nicholson Family Partnership, but that is little comfort to Jim Canova, who's lived at the mobile home park for more than 30 years.

"It would really break my heart to see this community go away," he said.

San Jose City Councilmember Lan Diep said he is working to try to have the city implement a zoning change so the property could only be used as a mobile home park.

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