900 Students Across Peninsula Walk Out in Unity

An estimated 900 students from high schools on the Peninsula walked out of school and into San Mateo Central Park to protest in unity Tuesday. 

Nicole Jimenez-Mota opened the protest by asking those attending to remember that it was not an anti-Trump rally.

"This is about love and acceptance," Jimenez-Mota said. "This is not about spreading hate."

While protest leaders stated it was not an anti-Trump rally, many attending did voice concern over the President-elect Donald Trump's language about sexual assault, immigration and LGBTQ polices.

Speakers called for unity in order to keep moving forward on progressive policies. 

Eliana Grant, 16, said on stage that the high school students knew how to use the power of social media and encouraged them to continue making their voice heard even though they could not yet vote.

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