Santa Clara

Hundreds of Vehicles Seized From Illegal Sideshow in Gilroy

The massive gathering occurred Oct. 11 in a Target store parking lot, with cars from three counties involved

Hundreds of vehicles have been seized after an illegal sideshow in early October at a Target store parking lot in Gilroy, according to Gilroy police.

On Oct. 11, about 400-500 vehicles were involved in a large gathering that soon turned into a sideshow, with several vehicles "spinning donuts" and engaging in "burnouts," police said.

Hundreds of people stood in the parking lot as spectators to the sideshow, and many retail store customers were in close proximity to the illegal sideshow activity, police said.

Police seized vehicles from Monterey, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties.

A county judge said any driver involved in the sideshow will have their car impounded for 30 days.

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