Donald Trump

Hundreds Support Minorities, Immigrants at Pair of Rallies in Palo Alto and San Jose

Hundreds of people unhappy with the outcome of the presidential election rallied in Palo Alto and San Jose on Sunday in support of minorities and undocumented immigrants.

The Palo Alto rally was organized by the Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, and the the goal was to emphasize unity against racism, hate and misogyny on the day before the Electoral College votes for the president.

Outside Palo Alto City Hall, some held signs showing support for minorities and denouncing President-elect Donald Trump and the so-called alt-right movement of white nationalists.

Retired Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Ladoris Cordell was one of the featured speakers. She said Trump is a threat to democracy.

"It’s very important that he knows that the world knows there are people here that are going to be putting the pressure on him to do the right things, to do things that are constitutional," Cordell said. "There are going to be a lot of people here to do it. I truly believe this momentum is going to keep going."

A similar rally was held in San Jose, also with a focus on minorities, with a goal of making sure immigrants and people of color are treated with respect.

Organizers said they are concerned by the promises made by Trump.

"We have a president-elect who has made some serious threats to people of color," said Dan Daniels of the NAACP. "He’s said he’s going to start rounding people up and deporting them. That would be a civil rights violation. I want to make sure that the public knows that the NAACP is here, we’re involved."

Several other nonprofit leaders and community members spoke about the growing fear of deportation among undocumented immigrants.

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