Hungry IPhone Users Get an Excuse to Point

UrbanSpoon introduces a new feature that makes finding a restaurant even easier

UrbanSpoon has been a popular ever since Apple first took the app for a shake on an iPhone commercial and now the company is shaking things up again.

The app makes "finding restaurants more fun” by allowing users to shake their iPhone and get a list of restaurant recommendations roll up on their screen like numbers on a slot machine. Now UrbanSpoon is adding a new twist.

The company wants to make things easier for hungry iPhone users too famished to shake their phones. A new UrbanSpoon feature called scope works just like a periscope, according to the New York Times and the company hopes it will give eaters another reason to stay away from OpenTable.

All users need to do is simply points their cameras in a direction and suddenly all the restaurants in the area pop up on the phone. And by tapping a dot on the screen, users will see a restaurant review pop up. Both a whole lot easier than shaking a phone violently.

The only problem is the new feature only works with 3GS version of the iPhone because it relies on GPS technology.

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