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iPhone, Other Devices Are Most-Stolen Items

A crime wave accompanied Apple's launch of the iPhone 5.



    iPhone, Other Devices Are Most-Stolen Items

    Apple's iPhone 5 has been good for business. The robbery business.

    Nine of out every ten items stolen in San Francisco in a robbery has been a mobile device, according to the Contra Costa Times. In August, 2,374 items were stolen by force from victims -- and 1,199 involved cellphones, according to the San Francisco Police Department.

    "And it's increasing every day with people getting hit all over the city," a spokesman told media.

    In New York City, a 40 percent spike in robbery spiked even more shortly after the iPhone 5 was released. The robbery rate had lulled prior to that. Experts speculate it has everything to do with the new device hitting the market.

    BART police said that Androids and iPads are popular targets for thieves, but by far the most popular item for stealing is the iPhone, the newspaper reported.

    Thefts of electronic devices have steadily increased on the transit system since 2010, according to reports.