Ice Bucket Challenge Changes Way Charities Operate

Stars and everyday people are getting buckets of ice water dumped on their heads and those same people are throwing out challenges to people to donate to ALS.

Money that will help people like Kay Thomas, who was diagnosed with ALS 12 years ago. The disease has impacted her both physically and financially -- she has lost her motor functioning and her wheelchair costs $30,000.

"Unfortunately we are competing for somebody else's contribution -- that's the reality of charitable institutions," said Phil Thomas, Kay's husband.

Phil Thomas also serves as chairman and board director of the Golden West chapter of ALS.

"Not that much more is known about ALS than when Lou Gehrig made his speech 75 years ago at Yankee Stadium saying farewell," he said.

But that is changing, thanks to the ice bucket challenge that has taken social media by storm. In just three weeks, the challenge has raised $31.5 million. The same time last year the national non-profit raised just $1.7 million.

"The ALS association didn’t invent the bucket challenge and we have become it’s benefactor and we’re grateful to it," Phil Thomas said.

For Kay Thomas, the ice bucket challenge is a win-win situation.

"One of my missions has been to make everyone aware of ALS," she said.

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