Ice Cream Push Cart Coming to the Mission

Mission Street Food tweets sweet news

Few people will confuse San Francisco with New York City when it comes to the quality of it street food. But certain corners of the Mission will at least help you feel better about choosing the West Coast as your abode of choice.

From the taco truck near the 16th and Mission Bart station to Creme Brulee cart roaming the backstreets of the Mission there is some street food life going on in the city.

Now our friends at Mission Mission tipped us off to Mission Street Food, located at 2234 Mission St., who announced on their Twitter account that they will be serving cookies and ice cream sandwiches in a cart soon.

"Starting a cookie/ice cream sandwich cart," Cookie wag tweeted.

The place has long been popular with Mission locals and it is loved on Yelp.

"Man, coming here makes me feel like I am totally 'in the know,'" Shannon I of Fremont wrote on Yelp. "Passersby come along, wondering what is the big deal about Lung Shan?  Well nothing.  The big deal is about Mission Street Food!!!"

No word on when the cart will go live. But we are sure Mission Mission, who does a great job at covering its neighborhood, will keep us all updated.

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