Welcome to the ICloud

Apple's been hyping their iCloud for a few months now, and finally it's here in the new iOS5. 

What does this mean for iDevice users? 

When users subscribe to iCloud, they will get a free 5gb of space for storage. The service will automatically sync up your music, apps, photos, email contacts, calendars and more. 

It will make all these things available on your iPhone, Mac, and iPad. 

Of course you will have to have some sort of internet connection to gain access to all these things, so if the power goes out, or you lose your cell signal, you may be out of luck.

Any items you've purchased through Apple, won't count against your 5gb of free storage. Photos, documents and other information, however, will.

When updating to iOS5, your apps will be seamlessly integrated with iCloud if you so choose.

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