Iconic Golden Gate Bridge Immortalized Through Photographs

7 photos
Ketaki Dixit
The Golden Gate Bridge sticks out between two trees.
Ketaki Dixit
The iconic International Orange bridge linking San Francisco and Marin County was erected 80 years ago.
Morgan Allen
Pedestrians first set foot on the bridge on May 27, 1937, and cars rumbled over it the next day.
Anthony Velasco
Before the bridge was built, the only way to cross the bay from San Francisco to Marin County was by ferry.
George Tanner
The Golden Gate Bridge was built over four years and made headlines as being the longest suspension bridge at 4,200 feet.
Lisa Clarke Stauffer
The Golden Gate Bridge now ranks as ninth on the list of the world's longest suspension bridges.
Taylor Chambers
The famous bridge has become a symbol of not only the city by the Bay but of California and even the West coast.
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