Ike's Has Cities Salivating

Ike's Place went into the weekend with word that the popular San Francisco sandwich shop was being forced out of its Castro location.

After a long battle with upset neighbors, a superior court judge evicted the sandwich shop for not having the proper permit to operate a restaurant.

Instead of wallowing in his last two weeks in his hometown storefront, owner Ike Shehadeh told the San Francisco Chronicle's C.W. Nevius that he had his "busiest weekend ever" and the possibility of his place looking for a new location has some cities salivating at the prospect of Ike's opening there.

And with traffic like this weekend, who wouldn't? Except San Francisco of course.

"We turned over 4,000 sandwiches," Shehadeh said. "The line was two hours to get to the door and then 30 minutes for a sandwich."

Shehadeh has until Aug. 26 to convince the City to let him stay but if he can't he says there are plenty of neighboring towns that are promising he won't deal with San Francisco politics there.

There is already an Ike's location outside of the City at Redwood Shores and rumors of a vending machine venture in the works.

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