Ike's NIMBY Fight Continues in Slow Motion

The official court date has still not been set for Ike's v. NIMBYs, but a settlement offer from the landlord should be finalized later this week.

Still the drama continues. Over the last ten days, "anonymous" complaints have resulted in a City inspector ordering the popular sandwich place to remove its line dividers from the sidewalk, a visit from Air Quality Management, two visits from the Department of Building Inspection; and one call from a health inspector.

Ike says he knows very well who the "anonymous" folks are.

In late May, neighbors who issued a complaint that led to Ike's eviction, offered to ignore what annoys them if the restaurant owner was willing to fork over $1 million worth of relocation money. The neighbors are currently living under rent control and moving would be very expensive, says their attorney.

Neighborhood complaint's about Ike's is nothing new. Earlier this year Shehadeh agreed to close his shop earlier to ease congestion on the neighborhood. But reportedly four neighbors were not appeased and threatened to sue the building's owner if something was not done.

Eater SF contributed to this report.

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