Ike's Place Lands a Permanent Home in an Unusual Place

Ike's Place has a new permanent place in the City and its not where most people thought it might be.

San Francisco State University has opened up its student center to the popular sandwich shop that had its original city location shut down by NIMBY neighbors who complained about everything from long lines to smells to trash coming from the restaurant.

The owner of Ike's Place, Ike Shehadeh, told the Bay Citizen that he plans to open his new outpost at SFSU by the end of January.

That's good news for state students, who have become accustomed to eating pretty bland food over the years. Ike's instantly gives the students something worth standing in line for.

And it's not all bad news for fans of the dirty sauce who can't make it to SF State. Thursday, the San Francisco Planning Commission will hear a request for a conditional use permit for Shehadeh to open a new Ike's at 3489 16th St.

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