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Illegal Dumping ‘Getting Worse' in San Jose

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The city of San Jose has been proactive in going after people who discard their junk on the streets, but despite stiff fines, the illegal dumping continues.

City crews will visit up to 500 sites per week trying to keep neighborhoods from turning into dump sites.

"It is getting worse," Ed Ramirez with the city said. "We’re seeing a significant increase in illegal dumping reports and the illegal dumping that’s not being reported that we find proactively."

Junk dumped in front of homes is more than just an eyesore. It could trash the asking price on homes for sale.

"It’s a red flag. It's something to consider," realtor Cristina Gonzalez said.

She is about to list one home for sale only to find that someone just dumped their junk feet away from it.

"How much activity do you get? How many people go in? So if they’re not even going in because they’re put off by the neighborhood, then ultimately that reflects into the offer," Gonzalez said.

People suspected of illegal dumping can face fines of up to $10,000 in San Jose. But the city needs pictures or video proof of the crime to go after the dumpers.

"Placing items out front or pushing it out to the curb and slapping a free sign on it is considered illegal dumping," Ramirez said.

The city says people can schedule a junk pickup for free by dialing 311.

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