Illegal Fireworks Cause Multiple Trees, Car to Light on Fire in San Jose

The San Jose Fire Department battled a blaze believed to be caused by illegal Fourth of July fireworks Thursday night.

Firefighters responded to reports of multiple trees on fire at 1845 Luke Ct at about 10:50 p.m. and upon arrival, located three eucalyptus trees and a vehicle engulfed in flames.

Witnesses said they saw several teenagers playing with fireworks on the street before hearing an explosion.

"Some little kids passing by threw some fireworks down the street and they thought it would be funny to light the tree up," said witness Hazel Valencia. "Unfortunately as they were lighting it up, they actually caught a tree on fire."

No injuries have been reported, the owners of the home where the trees were located were out of town, neighbors said.

"It was unfortunate because we have kids and stuff that are out here," Valencia said. "I ran to the neighbors door to make sure everybody was out of the house so we just really glad that nobody got hurt and everything is safe right now."

No additional information was immediately available. 

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