San Jose

Illegal Fireworks Concerns in San Jose Extend Past the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July holiday has come and gone, but the concern about illegal fireworks lighting up the South Bay sky won't likely fade away quickly.

Despite the fact that all fireworks are illegal in San Jose, aerial footage from the night of Independence Day captured a number of people in the South Bay city firing off their own fireworks into the air for hours on end. Those bright bursts and loud bangs in residential neighborhoods could continue Thursday night and into the weekend.

Helicopter footage from Wednesday night also captured a small brush fire burning near the intersection of N. 1st Street and Highway 237 in the South Bay. It's not clear if illegal fireworks played a role in the blaze.

Residents in San Jose who witness illegal fireworks activity can report it to the city using an online platform.

Fines for first-time fireworks violators in the South Bay city start at $500, according to the city.

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