Immersive iPad App Puts You in the Middle of Any Video

In years past we have been dazzled by the experience of virtual reality, and in recent years augmented reality has offered the promise of digitally enhanced meatspace. But a new twist offers an immersive experience that might be called sublimated reality

Condition One has created an embeddable immersive video player that allows you to experience previously recorded video as though you are there as the video is happening. In some ways it brings to mind the 2004 science fiction film The Final Cut where the records of a person's life could be walked through and experienced by an outside viewer. The company recently made waves with the announcement of a major investment from tech investor Mark Cuban who thinks it is "going to be the future of both on-demand and live entertainment, in your home and on your mobile device."

The iPad app is available for download for free and you can see it in action in the video below.

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