Immigrant Rights Group Opposes Publishing Inmate Release Dates, Personal Information

An immigrant rights group has spoken out against the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office's practice of publishing release dates and personal information of jail inmates on its website.

"We unequivocally condemn Sheriff Livingston's harmful practice of making public personal information of people in the jail's custody," the Contra Costa Immigrant Rights Alliance said in a statement Thursday. "Given the timing, this is simply a cruel attempt to undermine the California Values Act, or SB 54."

SB 54 establishes clear divisions between law enforcement and federal immigration authorities with the goal of ensuring local officers do not become part of deportation efforts under the current presidential administration.

Publishing release dates, at least theoretically, makes it possible for immigration officers to be on hand when individuals are released and detain them.

"This is the fear the community has," said Tony Bravo, a spokesman for the CCIRA.

It is also possible to find an inmate's race, date of birth, height and weight and other information on the site, which Bravo said could help immigration officers identify individuals to be detained.

In its statement, the CCIRA said, "Sheriff Livingston's skirting of SB 54 follows a long pattern of supporting the Trump administration's aggressive anti-immigrant agenda."

The organization added, "Here in Contra Costa, we know that immigrants are a vital part of our communities and families. We believe all people should be treated fairly, no matter what they look like or where they were born."

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