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'Impeach' Trump Billboard Next to Bay Bridge to Stay Up Through Contract Agreement

An electronic billboard next to the Bay Bridge calling for President Donald Trump's impeachment will stay up for the entirety of its contract, the company that owns the billboard space said Wednesday.

The announcement comes one day after Courage Campaign — the group behind the message — said Outfront Media was taking down the billboard after receiving "multiple complaints."

The billboard will continue to remain in place through Sunday.

The east-facing billboard, which calls for Congress to commence impeachment proceedings against the president, originally began its run on Monday.

Outfront Media on Tuesday wrote in an email to Courage Campaign that "we have taken down your billboard due to multiple complaints," according to Courage Campaign. 

Courage Campaign argues that Trump should be booted from the White House for "attempting to obstruct an investigation into potential wrongdoing by his presidential campaign, refusing to divest from his businesses, publicly supporting white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, and recent decisions to eliminate DACA protections for more than 800,000 young immigrants."

The San Francisco Republican Party on Monday responded to the billboard by calling it a "waste of money" and saying that "none of these accusations amount to constitutional violations."

Donations from Californians who support Courage Campaign helped make the billboard become a reality, according to billboard organizers.

In addition to the billboard, Courage Campaign has circulated an online petition calling for Trump's impeachment. 

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