In-N-Out Closes Livermore Location For Investigation After Some Customers Fall Sick After Eating There

A popular In-N-Out in the Bay Area was closed Wednesday after several people reported getting sick after eating at the fast-food restaurant.

Signs posted outside the In-N-Out on North Livermore Avenue in Livermore say the restaurant is temporary closed.

A statement from In-N-Out corporate headquarters confirmed that it voluntarily shut down the Livermore location after some members of a large travel group fell sick after eating there. The restaurant is investigating the matter and has also notified the local health department.

“We recently learned that some members of a large travel group reported feeling sick after dining at our Livermore location. We voluntarily closed the restaurant while we investigate the matter and notified the local health department in accordance with our safety protocols.

In-N-Out officials said their own initial investigation didn’t turn up any health issues but added that they will stay closed till local health officials give the all clear.

“Here at In-N-Out Burger, the health and well-being of our customers and our associates is a top priority. We apologize for any inconvenience this closure may cause for our customers and we will re-open our Livermore restaurant once we are certain that there are no issues there,” the company said in a statement.

Livermore Mayor John Marchand said he appreciates In-N-Out’s decision.

"It could be a number of things. It could be something completely unrelated to the food," he said. "It could be the flu or norovirus. Somebody could have caught it from a door handle."

Health department officials said they suspect the illness is norovirus, but they don’t yet know if it’s linked to the burger spot.

NBC Bay Area reporter Bob Redell said his daughter also reported feeling sick after getting take out.

“My family did take out from the North Livermore Avenue on Monday night,” Redell said. “My wife and I had some burgers and fries. Both of us were fine. But our 14-year-old daughter was complaining of cramps and feeling nauseous after her meal. And then was fine a short time later."

A number of regulars stopped by the restaurant Wednesday morning unaware of what had happened. The closure also sparked a discussion on the In-N-Out Next Door Livermore group.

“Heads up if you are hungry for In-N-Out. Don’t bother. They’re closed and not sure when they will be opening up again,” one report said.

A couple of NextDoor users said she had called In-N-Out’s 1-800 number and had been told a few customers fell sick after eating there, and that the restaurant was cleaning the area just to be safe.

NBC Bay Area's Rick Boone contributed to this report.

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