In-N-Out Has a New Window in the Bay Area


The winner of the 241 location of the cult-burger chain In-N-Out is Redwood City.

The Irvine-based fast food restaurant will open a $1.5 million 40,000-square-foot restaurant at 949 Veterans Blvd. It will be the city's first In-N-Out.

The restaurant will presumably come fully equipped with a drive through window, which was a major bone of contention for the restaurant chain's most northern outpost in Santa Rosa.

Sonoma County residents fought the family owned restaurants expansion into Santa Rosa partly because they were concerned with the endless line of idling cars contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

Residents were also concerned with In-N-Out contributing to obesity in children because all the cool suburb kids like to hang out at burger joints.

But to its credit In-N-Out's expansion has been limited by its commitment to fresh beef, with no franchising on offer and all meat delivered from a company-owned processing plant in the Central Valley.

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