Infant Found Safe After Being in Car Stolen by Thief in Emeryville

A vehicle was stolen in Emeryville on Wednesday morning with a 4-month-old infant inside, but the child was found several minutes later in a roadway in Oakland, police said.

Officers responded at 10:08 a.m. to the area of 3838 Hollis St., the location of a Home Depot store, on a report of a stolen vehicle with the baby strapped into a car seat inside it, according to Emeryville police.

Several witnesses tried to follow the vehicle but lost sight of it as it traveled south into Oakland. Several minutes later, Oakland police received a report of a child left in the roadway near 28th and Union streets and responded to find it was the child from the stolen vehicle.

The infant was uninjured and reunited with the mother, but the suspect is still at large and the vehicle, a metallic dark gray, four-door 2018 Honda Accord with license plate number 8EGL341, has not been found, police said.

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