Donald Trump

Inflatable Trump Chicken Set to Troll Alt-Right Rally From a Vessel on SF Bay

The inflatable Trump chicken is set to re-emerge in San Francisco on Saturday, as a group is planning to float the puffed-up fowl with wavy orange hair on the bay in response to an alt-right rally in the city.

The chicken being used Saturday is 33 feet tall, organizers Danelle Morton and Anne Preutt said. The pair said they hope to "photobomb" the alt-right activists trying to get glamorous shots of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Mostly, they hope to send a message of tolerance.

"We live our lives alongside all different kinds of people every day and see the humanity in all," the pair said.

The Trump chicken made its debut in April when it took a perch in front of San Francisco City Hall during the Tax March, where thousands conducted a peaceful protest demanding President Donald Trump release his tax returns.

There were 33 Trump chickens made for that march and rally. They ranged in size from 6 feet tall to 33 feet tall.

More recently, a Trump chicken was spotted at the president's Reno rally Wednesday.

Morton and Preutt on Thursday raised more than $9,000 in a GoFundMe campaign to pay for a vessel, crew and other expenses related to their Trump chicken cruise.

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