Bay Area Food Banks Dealing With Inflation as Holiday Season Approaches

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Heading into the holiday season, some Bay Area food banks say the need is up along with inflation.

“The need is greater than it has ever been. We’re seeing about a 12% increase,” said Barbara Abbott with the San Francisco Marin Food Bank.

Abbott said as the holidays are almost here, that it is the perfect storm that includes increased need and inflation.

“We have a big holiday distribution that is happening right now in these two weeks, and we’re supplying our families with a whole chicken, a seven-pound chicken to be the centerpiece of their holiday meal, and we have seen those costs double since last year,” she said.

It’s worked out to about $200,000 more this year. They’re also seeing rising costs in other items and feeling the higher fuel costs. They said that the support is important.

Christie Smith has the full story in the video above.

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