So, Instagram is Basically Snapchat Now?

Heads up social media fiends, Instagram has released a new feature that allows users to share moments of their day without having to keep it on their profile.

If you’re confused by that, just think Snapchat on Instagram.

That’s right; Instagram Stories is a new feature that resembles the Snapchat platform in many ways.

The feature allows users to share multiple photos and videos that appear in a slideshow format; in other words a story. The photos and videos can be altered by using text and drawing tools to unleash a user’s creativity.

“Instagram has always been a place to share the moment you want to remember,” said an Instagram press release. “Now you can share your highlights and everything in between, too.”

To view other user’s Stories, you simply tap on their profile photo.

Instagram has also made it easy for users to view Stories at their own pace by allowing a go back or forward feature. Unlike regular Instagram posts, Stories does not allow likes or public comments but rather the ability to send a direct message.

Instagram also took into account a user’s privacy; based on a person’s Instagram privacy settings, the stories can be visible to followers or anyone who views a profile.

Instagram stresses to not worry about over-posting, that’s what Stories was made for.

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