Intel Set Top Box Targets Ads to Who's Watching

Figuring out which commercials to run during different TV shows is a pretty hit-or-miss process, but Intel has developed a new set top box that looks at who's in the room watching, and then runs commercials targeted at them.

The Telescreen set top box won't know the actual identity of the people in the room, but it can determine gender and age. So if your 12 year old happens to be watching Seinfeld for some reason, the commercials will be for things 12 year old kids like such as toys and video games.

The system is a key component of Intel's plans for muscling in on the lucrative TV delivery market, alongside other Internet TV players like Apple, Google and Amazon. Intel says that by target the commercials, content providers can charge more for advertising time to its focused audience.

Intel plans to launch the system by the end of this year.

Reuters, via The Verge

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