Contra Costa County

Investigation Continues Into What Caused Explosion, Fire at NuStar Fuel Storage Facility in Crockett

Contra Costa County hazardous material chief says NuStar did not notify them of the tank explosion and fire at the fuel storage facility in Crockett -- it was the media who alerted them.

Stunning new details in the case were revealed Tuesday -- a week after the raging fire -- as the county hazmat chief updated the Board of Supervisors. Officials also said their readings of air samples showed unhealthy to hazardous conditions at various points during the emergency.

Residents said the county needs to hold NuStar accountable.

Meanwhile, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District authorities said investigators on Tuesday for the first time were able to get into where the explosion took place. NuStar drained out all the liquid left over from the fire scene, making it safe for investigators to try to uncover the root cause.

"This is a complex situation, but we've got the right team in place and are confident if it's possible to determine the cause of the fire, we'll determine it," said Steve Hill with the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District.

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