iPad 2 Teardown Reveals Lots of Glue and Double Stick Tape


The iPad 2 has only been around for three days, but that doesn't mean people aren't already ripping them apart to see just what's inside. This iPad 2 was dissected by the Apple DIY repair site iFixit, to get a handle on how repairable it's likely to be.

Basically, the news isn't too good. To make this new puppy thinner and lighter, Apple has dumped the handy clips that held the old iPad together, replacing them with a healthy dollop of glue. This means that the only way to get in is to blast it with a heat gun, then prize gently at the front panel while praying that the much thinner glass doesn't crack in two.

Once inside you'll discover that most of the real estate is taken by the three cell battery, with the circuit boards, cameras, and speakers tucked in neatly around the sides. The battery has pretty much the same capacity as the old iPad's, so it's pretty impressive how they've managed to ramp up the processing power without losing battery life.

iFixit gives the iPad 2 a repairability rating of 4, where 10 would be the easiest to fix. While it doesn't use those weird screws like the iPhone 4, they reckon the chances if getting the thing apart without breaking something are pretty slim. Making matters worse, the most likely item to need service, the batteries, are firmly stuck to the back of the case, and are the last thing you get to during a teardown.

I guess it's probably smart to stick with expert servicing for this one.

Via iFixit

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