iPad Tweet Allegedly Raises the Ire of Jobs

Wall Street Journal reportedly forced to delete tweet sent from iPad

The wrath of the notoriously secretive Steve Jobs extends beyond teenage bloggers. On a recent media tour touting the new iPad, Apple's CEO allegedly lost his cool at a tweet sent by a Wall Street Journal Editor playing with the device, possibly in his presence.

The Journal's online executive editor Alan Murray deleted a simple tweet he sent on Feb. 4. But it wasn't what the tweet said that was the problem but apparently the device Murray sent it from.

"This tweet sent from an iPad. Does it look cool?" He asked his virtual friends.

But the tweet was not up long enough to draw much of a reaction from anyone not employed by Apple. Allegedly. 

Valleywag contacted Murray to confirm rumors he deleted the tweet because of pressure from Apple but he responded saying he "would love to talk about this, but can't," before adding in a separate email, "I will say that Apple's general paranoia about news coverage is truly extraordinary— but that's not telling you anything you didn't already know."

In fact Apple's secretive nature is no secret at all. And it's not the first time it has used threats to control media coverage of the iPad. 

The company has long tried to stifle rumors through threat of corporate force, including vowing to slap Valleywag with a suit for trying to scavenge up details about the iPad before its release.

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