The iPhone Turns 10 And It's Still Changing Everything: Analysis

It "fundamentally changed the way we thought about phones," one analyst says

It's been 10 years since Apple launched the iPhone, puzzling critics with its all-glass screen without a raised keyboard.

Today, the first model seems tiny and and low-powered, NBC News reports, but at the time we didn't know just how right Steve Jobs was when the Apple CEO called it a "truly magical product."

But the iPhone "fundamentally changed the way we thought about phones as well as defining what the industry considered a smartphone," said Tuong Nguyen, principal research analyst at Gartner.

[NATL] A Brief History of the Cellphone

And the revolution it began — the $1.3 trillion app economy — is still in full swing, giving anyone with coding skills the chance to strike it rich and changing other industries, as Uber and Lyft did transportation.

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