IPhone 5 Might Have an Edge-To-Edge Display

The Apple-obsessed blog, 9to5Mac have what they believe is the first shot of the iPhone 5's display. It will supposedly sport a 4-inch display with "edge to edge" — more like side to side — screen.

Apple's iPhone has had a 3.5-inch display since 2007. Although the iPhone 4 received a Retina Display, its size (measured diagonally) remained the same. With most Android phones putting the heat on the iPhone with their big-screened phones, people are making comparisons, and concluding that the iPhone is too small.

Despite the lack of dimensions, we'd wager that the actual iPhone dimensions won't be enlarged with the larger screen, simply because Steve Jobs has said in the past that "nobody is going to buy a big phone."

This leads us to believe that while he might want a larger screen in an iPhone eventually, he's not a fan of using a bigger phone body along with it.

Would an iPhone 5 with this type of screen get you all hot and bothered?

Via 9to5Mac

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