IPhone App Reveals the Cold, Hard Truth Behind Glamour Girl Make-Up

For some, the vision of Tokyo's tech-driven metropolis also includes the city's ubiquitous "Shibuya gals." But one look at this new iPhone app and at least part of that dream will be shattered forever.

Developed by CA Mobile, the app called "The Suppin" (face without make-up in Japanese) allows you to scrub off the make-up and eyelashes of Tokyo's leading glamour girls to reveal their true faces.

Needless to say, someone stands to make a fortune if this approach is made into an app showing the true faces of American celebrities. Priced at roughly $2.50, this app (available here) has little practical use other than nullifying, once and for all, any effect make-up may have on your aesthetic tastes towards potential dates.

Via TokyoMango

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