iPhone Apps: Killing One Baby at a Time

Apple pulls controversial app

Have you ever felt like shaking a baby death? Really? What the hell is wrong with you? Well, if the iPhone app store in any barometer apparently you are not alone.

Our friends at Tech Crunch tipped us off to a disturbing application that proves you really can do anything with your iPhone. Baby Shaker, a 99 cent app by Sikalosoft, allowed you to shake your iPhone to disturb a sleeping baby.

Tech Crunch App Demonstration

If you shook your phone hard enough the baby would start crying. Keep shaking, and the baby would eventually end up with two X's over its eyes, meaning you killed the poor little tyke.

Why would you want to download such an app? We have no idea. But the better question, raised by Tech Crunch, is why would Apple let such an app through? The Silicon Valley giant, which beat Wall Street expectations on Wednesday because of the popularity of its iPhone, control what apps can show up in its store.

While Apple did pull the app on Wednesday, following several complaints and a series of negative articles, there is no clear explanation on how the app got through. Apple does have a history of blocking controversial apps in the past.

For example an app that tracked your girlfriends' (yes plural) special time of the month was taken out of the store because it was in poor taste. Maybe the baby shaking app was made as an angry response to the blocking of the menstrual app? We'll probably never know.

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