iPhone Attack Ads Hurt AT&T's Feelings

iPhone carrier sues Verizon for "misleading" attack ad

The iPhone-Google Droid wars are already starting.

Google's answer to the iPhone hasn't even come out yet but that hasn't stopped the search engine giant from taking aim at Apple.

It started with a television blitz that introduced the world to everything the Droid can do that the iPhone cannot. Then the two phone makers exclusive cellular partners got into the act.

AT&T, who provides service for the iPhone, filed a federal lawsuit against Verizon, the Droid's partner in crime. And the fight has sunk to the level of a "kindergarten" fight, according to the New York Times.

At issue is Verizon's portrayal of AT&T's 3G coverage. In a commercial -- cleverly called “there’s a map for that” -- Verizon shows a map of the U.S. sparingly covered in blue and a similar map covered in red, with the caption “AT&T 3G coverage” and "Verizon's 3G coverage."

AT&T's lawsuit says the map is misleading because it insinuates the phone company doesn't offer any coverage in the non-red areas, when in fact it does. The problem is it is non 3G coverage.

Verizon responded by tweaking the ads to say “voice and data service available outside 3G coverage area” in the commercials, according to the Times. But AT&T is still not happy. The New York Times has a novel idea: let the two companies settle their differences over a coloring contest.

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