iPhone Skips Flash and Goes Straight to 3D

Adam King1
Getty Images

Your iPhone may never be able to do Flash but it will soon be able to do 3D.

A company called Spatial View is launching an online 3D movie store to go with a screen cover for the iPhone that allows fanboys and girls everywhere to watch 3D movies.

The images will work in both portrait and landscape and still allows your screen to act as a touchscreen.

The best part about the set up is users don't have to wear a pair of goofy glasses to see the likes of Shrek jump out at you on screen. But one reviewer says the experience is suprisignly not as exciting as seeing it on the big screen.

The screen is expected to cost under $20 for the iPhone 3G and 3Gs. Eventually there will be screens made for the iPhone 4 and Android devices.

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